Why does Infertility occur?

Why does Infertility Occur?

Why does Infertility Occur?

Today, Infertility is a major problem in each country. It affects most of the population. This problem generally occurs in women’s late 30 s and 40s. Now-a-days, women don’t get married earlier and are also well-qualified which lead them to postpone childbearing. The main cause of infertility is turbulent and stressful lifestyle. In a Research of 2012, Researchers collected the data of infertility in couples who are attempting to conceive –

Percentage in Africa – 13.9%;

in China – 12.5%;

also in India – 12.5%;

in UK – 10.7%;

and in US – 7.2%

Today, women don’t want to have a baby before 35, which creates problem in conceiving. Because as your age increases, the quality of fertility eggs decrease which causes infertility. Some specialists say today, both the husband and wife are busy with work related tours, which affects their quality time that they spend with each other. It is also observed that the problem of infertility occurs mostly in the working women who try for a baby later.

As we talked to a lady (age 38) who is suffering with infertility, told us how she tried many home remedies and went to Doctors for every test like Ovarian antibodies and genetic abnormalities.

Today, every five to six couples are having the fertility-related problem. Though, Medical Science has achieved that a man who has poor sperm can also be a father of baby. But on the other hand experts say that unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs cause fertility-related problems. Age is not all causes of infertility, it is just one of the miscreant. But Smoking is one of the worst culprit which reduces the quality of fertility eggs.

Reasons for Infertility among Male and Female

  1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) rates in females range from 3.7% to 22.5%.
  2. Obesity in males who are 18+, increased from 17.3% (2010) to 19.5% (2014), and in women, from 10.6% (1998) to 24.7% (2014).
  3. Alcohol consumption in adults increased from 3.6 liters (2005) to 4.3 liters (2010) and is also estimated to be 4.7 liters by 2020.
  4. Genital TB, causes endometrial damages and tubal blockage. It is estimated to be 18% in the reproductive age in India and 1% in the US.
  5. Tobacco according to WHO report, is used 17% in India, 21% in UK and 19% in United States.
  6. Predominance of lab-diagnosed STIs was reported based on a huge meta-analysis of 41 studies to be between 7% to 34% accomplished between 2000 to 2012.

Female infertility is more common than male. Male fertility is affected by lifestyle and environmental factors. Generally men takes supplements for body building and it reduces the sperm counts. Many couples admitted that they take recreational drugs and did not realize that it would affect their fertility. Infection is also a cause of infertility, mostly in rural areas. Because in rural areas, women go through abortions or delivery at unsanitary centres, it would be the cause of infection in fallopian tubes.

Another view on Infertility is that people say women who don’t eat healthy food and also work too much are unable to conceive. It is bad luck that women perceive stressed and inadequate due to infertility.

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