ultimate pregnancy to-do checklist

Ultimate Pregnancy to do Checklist

Ultimate Pregnancy to do Checklist

Pregnancy is a stage, every woman waits for it. After giving birth to a child, every woman’s life gets complete. These 9 months are the best period of a woman’s life. She starts to check from the first week of her pregnancy. It’s like a revelation, when a baby grows in your womb, your body and hormones change. This ultimate pregnancy to do checklist will help you in managing all your tasks like baby showers, baby’s and Mumma’s health precautions. This ultimate pregnancy to do checklist will make your pregnancy memorable.

These are the activities, you need to do during pregnancy –

1. Scans and Antenatal Appointments

Antenatal appointments are necessary during pregnancy. If it’s your first pregnancy, you will have 10 appointments or if it’s your second pregnancy, there will be 7  appointments. If there are some complications in pregnancy, these number of appointments may increase.In this process, your Doctor checks the mother and the baby are well or not. He/She advises you about your diet, health and also suggests the birth options.

In ultrasound Scans, a picture of your baby is created in your womb through sonographer using sound waves. Further you will know, when your antenatal appointment will be happened.

2. Drink Enough Water

Water is essential thing in our life. Everyone needs to drink plenty of water but during pregnancy, hydration is important. You should drink 8 glasses of liquid in a day at least, which means 1.5 litres.  If you don’t have habit of drinking more water and also don’t like to drink plain water, you can add some lemon drop to change flavour.

If you drink plenty of water, it will also help you to prevent urinary infection, piles and constipation. These all are frequent during pregnancy.

3. Quit Smoking

If you have addiction of smoking, break off it. It can reduce your baby’s weight. It also increases the risk of miscarriage. if you are unable to quit smoking, you should talk to your doctor or midwife. NHS smoking helpline number (0300 123 1044) is also available to help you. You can call them or can visit their website to quit smoking.

4. Eat very well

You should take healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy. It will help your baby to develop in your womb. Eat those food, which have enough carbohydrates such as milk, fruits, vegetables and also eat food which have sugars and fats.

You don’t need any extra calories in the starting 6 months of the pregnancy  and in last 3 months, you need 200 extra calories everyday.

5. Exercise

If you do exercise daily, it can help you to suffer with the mental as well as physical requirements. You can manage your weight with exercise.

6. Give time to your Partner

During pregnancy, you should spend much time with your partner. Both of you can go for a movie, your favourite restaurant or also go for a pocket friendly vacation. This is the time you can spend with your partner freely. After the birth, you would not have time to go out together.

7. Sleeping Manner

You should sleep on left side. It will be good for the baby. It also helps in blood circulation and helps kidneys to to excrete the waste material from the body. If you are unable to take proper sleep, you can use pregnancy pillows to get comfort at night to take proper sleep.

You should insert a pillow between your knees and one pillow below your bump to support you. Now you can get relief and take convenient sleep.

8. Take a Warm Bath

A pregnant lady should take a warm bath. Lie down and take deep breathe, you will feel your baby’s presence. You can feel some kicks once you stop moving in the water.

This is the to-do checklist, you need to follow during pregnancy.

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