Toy’s rack Best out of waste empty Boxes

Toy’s rack – Best out of waste empty Boxes

There is no limit of creativity in this world and specially when you use waste material to make something awesome. Here Tanvi Mohit Shrivastav is sharing ideas of using best out of waste empty boxes to convert it into toy’s rack for kids.

We all know managing kids toy is one of the challenging task in this universe 🙂 and if some idea make it easy managing and trigger kids to do it themselves what else can be better than this. Yes you are right, this rack is so awesome that kids would love to arrange their toys in it by themselves. This is the best way to connect with you kids. Just go through step by steps best out of waste empty boxes and you will surely tempt to make this for your kid’s room.

Steps of making Rack

Collect boxes and check if they are not broken. If some sides are a bit broken, you can repair them using tapes and all. Clean the boxes dust. Arrange the boxes one over other the way you want there arrangement. If they are not of same size, no issue. Uneven racks are also in trend these days and looks good. Once your arrangement is finalized, you can stick together using glue and tapes.

Best out of waste empty Boxes

Measure the boxes sides and cut the newspaper and and wrap around it on the boxes all over rack and stick it with glue.

Best out of waste empty Boxes

Paint all over boxes using different colors outside of boxes

Best out of waste empty Boxes

Once outside paint is done, do paint inside the boxes and let it dry

Best out of waste empty Boxes

Draw and color cartoons on chart papers. Cut them on cartoon edges and paste them using glue inside boxes. You can involve kids in this step as kids love coloring.

Best out of waste empty Boxes

That’s it.

Your kids would surely love participating in this best out of waste empty boxes activity. and start arranging their toys themselves. This way they will learn to do their things themselves… Kinda Easy Parenting Idea 🙂

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Idea and Photos Shared by – Tanvi is mom of a little boy and lives in Chicago. She loves doing creative things and sharing with others while getting time.

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