top audio books for your pregnancy

Top Audio Books for your Pregnancy

Top Audio Books for your Pregnancy

Nine months!!!!!! It’s a long time to wait for your baby. You are going to become a mom soon. But the problem is, how can you pass your time until the due date. Well, you can read some pregnancy Audio Books. Because reading can make you bore and also you need some free time to read books. Audio books can be listened in the car, in the kitchen also on holidays. So Audio books are the best way to get rid of your boredom during pregnancy. Here are some Audio Books for your Pregnancy, you can listen anytime – 

The Conscious Parent

The Conscious Parent, Audio Book has been narrated by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. This book is about positive and assured parenting. In this book, baby and mom both learn to work together as a team. The more significance is on establishing well-adjusted, cheerful kids and guiding parents to avoid mistakes from their childhood.  

The Unmumsy Mum

The Unmumsy Mum is the Audio Book narrated by Sarah Turner. It’s all about the originality of Motherhood. This Audio Book is journey from an imperfect, messy mother to a perfect one. In this book, the narrater shares the lessons of her life, how she learnt from the birth of her child to potty training. You must be laughing, but it’s every mother’s story.  

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The Sleep Book

The Sleep Book has been narrated by Dr. Guy Meadows. When you are pregnant, you can’t get a proper sleep. When you can’t get comfort, you will not be prepared for anything in the next morning. This Audio Book has many brilliant tips for getting perfect sleep. You must listen this during pregnancy. 

Belly Laughs

Jenny McCarthy narrated this Audio Book, which is obviously about Pregnancy and Childbirth. Jenny McCarthy told everything about her pregnancy, labor and delivery in a frank and funny way. Nobody can tell you all this in that way. She is very funny lady. You should listen this Audio Book once at least just for fun. Jenny told about worst moments of pregnancy, which will prepare you for tolerating the worst and embarrassing moments of pregnancy.   

YOU : Having a Baby

You : Having a Baby narrated by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz. This audio book is about a healthy and happy pregnancy. In this Audio Book, you will get advice on some topics like exercise, nutrition, hormones and epigenetic (epigenetic means ability to arouse your child’s genetic future). 

The Headspace Guide to – A Mindful Pregnancy

This Audio Book has been narrated by Andy Puddicombe. This book is about parenthood, how you and your partner both get best from the pregnancy with little concern. It reaches from the day of conception to managing labor pain.  

Brain Rules for Baby

Brain Rules of Baby is an Audio Book narrated by Dr. John Medina. It’s as a parenting Bible. You will get all the question’s answers, come into your mind during pregnancy. These questions may be like – How would I handle tears and tantrums? What is the most important thing to do during Pregnancy?  What are the best ways to use adore and discipline?  

These above are the best Audio Books for your pregnancy. Every Pregnant woman should listen these Audio Books to prepare themselves for motherhood.

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