teach your child to read fast and fluent

Teach your Child to Read Fast and Fluent

Teach your Child to Read Fast and Fluent

Every parents want their child to read fast and fluent. Reading is the basis of language learning and development. Every child does not have the ability to read fluently. Your child’s reading fluency empowers him/her to read quickly, flawlessly and with expression.

There are so many procedures parents can use at home to encourage this demanding, lifelong talent. If your child struggles to read fluently, he/she can enhance with practice, focus, and logical feedback. Here we brought some easy ways to improve your child’s reading ability.

Paired Reading

The best way to support your child in establishing his/her fluency, is to sit with your child and read. You should read together every day,this is called paired reading.

Read aloud first with good fluent sound, then ask your child to read the same page you just read in the same way you read. You will observe that your child is reading more and more like you. Now repeat the process for various pages. Once you feel your child is comfortable enough and recognizable enough with the book, take turns reading page for page.

Marked Reading

Give your child a passage from the book and ask to read and quietly write the same passage on a copy. When your child starts reading, mark the places where your child mispronounced or skipped any word. Now keep practicing words and passages. You can use stopwatch also during the read aloud activity.

To record your child’s progress, point out the number of errors and challenging words every time the passage is read.

Re-read Favourite Books

If your child likes to read books or there is any book in the shelf which is his/her favourite, let them read. Don’t discourage your child to read the same book again and again. It is improving your child’s reading ability. It gives them the courage, efficiency, and speed to read fast and fluent, comfortably with expressions.

Sight Words

Sight words, are the familiar words in our written language and also difficult to follow up phonetically because there is no rule of phonics. Due to which, they must be learnt. However, sight words must be learnt in order for your child to become a fluent reader. So start working on a few words at a time when you know your child is ready to read.

Audio Books

Play an Audiobook about 10 minutes a day for your child to listen. If possible, child should use earphones. It will help your child to listen carefully and to focus his/her attention. Your child should listen each segment carefully until he/she is capable to read it very well without any error. For the best results, you need to use it four to five times a week and in a framed manner under your supervision.

Professional online course / books – It is worth buying online guide / program improving your child. You will start seeing amazing reading progress with disciplined approach for your child.

These methods will be effective in improving your child’s reading. You need to remember to read to your child every day as it is the single biggest way to engage them in reading. These methods will encourage them to read more on their own.