Kids Favourite Audio Books

Kids favourite Audio Books

Kids favourite Audio Books

Well, mostly parents go for a long journey or a long drive with their kids, but sometimes kids get bored in the car. Audio Books are just to engage your kids with books, which will enhance their reading ability. Your kids can listen these audio books at home as well. But traveling parents can play these audio books in car DVD system or at iPad. Kids Audio Books are less issue based. Here are some kids favourite audio books in our list. This list is perfect for new listeners to audiobooks. These Audio Books are perfect for the kids. From a 3 years old kid to a bit older can enjoy these Audio Books.

1. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is written by EB White. In this Audio Books, there is story of a pig (Wilbur), his wife and old friend spider (Charlotte). This is a timeless story. The author has read this story by himself.

2. The Boy in the Dress

The Boy in the Dress is written by David Walliams. He narrates this story about a boy, whose family ignore him. They don’t love him.  But when he puts on a dress, everything changes.

3. Little House in the Big Woods

This is the story of a girl Laura who lives with her family (her father, mother, two sisters named Mary and Carrie also their dog named Jack) in a little house in the big Woods.

4. Magic Tree House Collection

Magic Tree House Collection is written by Mary Pope Osborne. This is the story of a boy Jack and his sister Annie. They are typical kids. They invent a treehouse in the woods and there is something magical happens.

5. The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is written by Theodor Geisel. This is the story of a tall human like cat, who dons a red and white hat and red bow tie.

6. The Magic School Bus in the Human Body

The Magic School Bus is an academic, learning, funny and excited story book. Ms. Frizzle explains everything through magic school bus. She teaches how human body twists food into energy in the human body.

7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jeff Kinney wrote Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Ramon De Ocampo narrates it. It is a kind of best audio book for kids. This is the story of a boy Greg Heffley who efforts to fit in his middle schools. This is an authentic fiction funny novel for kids and teenagers as well.

8. Tales of a Fourth Grade nothing

Tales of a Fourth Grade nothing is a kids audio book narrated by the author Judy Blume. This is the story of a boy Peter who has taken in with his younger brother Fudge for so long. How can Peter get his parents by paying attention for a change?

9. Life of Pi

Life of Pi is composed by Yann Martel. This is the story about a boy whose name is Pi Patel, who lives his life’s 227 days on a boat with a tiger in pacific ocean. This is an adventurous story for kids.

10. Hatchet

Gary Paulsen wrote the book Hatchet. This is a dramatic story of a boy played off against the forest with a hatchet and insistence to live.

These above are the adventurous and funny Kids favourite Audio Books, your child must listen. You too can enjoy with your kids.