how to get pregnant fast

How to get Pregnant Fast

How to get Pregnant Fast

Once you get married, every woman wants to get pregnant. After spending much of your adult life, every couple decides to have a baby. If you really want to conceive, know how to get pregnant. This is true that conception does not occur fast as you think, especially when you have crossed 35 age.

According to a study, if you are younger than 35, there are only 20% chances you can get pregnant each month. When a woman decides to conceive, she becomes more conscious about her lifestyle, food and exercises. Here are some ways to boost your chances of conceiving fast. How to get pregnant fast –

1. Ovulation Calculator/Calendar

When we start any project, we prepare a chart for activities. So as you want to have a baby, you should record first day of your menstrual cycle, for several months. You should track this report on a calendar, you can better forecast when you might be ovulating and the time when your ovaries will discharge an egg every month.

Generally, a woman with routine cycles ovulates two weeks before the advent of her periods. The egg is able to be fertilized for about 12-24 hours after it’s discharged.eased. When the live sperm presents in the fallopian tubes during ovulation, then your chances of getting pregnant is apical.

Ovulation Symptoms

  • Increasing sense of sight, smell and taste
  • Bloating in your belly
  • Breast sensitivity and tenderness
  • Changes in your body temperature chart

2. Plan for a Healthy Pregnancy

You should start taking Folic Acid one month before you start attempting to conceive. This fiber will effectively cut down the risk of birth defects. On the other hand, You need to give up your unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, etc. and maintain healthy weight, take less than 300 mg caffeine in a day.

3. Maximizing Fertility

a) Meet with your Doctor – If there is any family history of infertility, you need to meet with your Doctor.

b) Prenatal Vitamins – You should take proper vitamins in your food like, spinach, beans, strawberries and orange juice.

c) Visit your Dentist – If you have Gum Disease, you may suffer with underweight or premature baby. You should know you are good in oral hygiene, before getting pregnant.

4. Sex at the right time

Study says if you have sex two or three times in a week, you will get pregnant fast. Once you know about your ovulation, you need to plan to have sex during your fertile window, which means two or three days before ovulation.

In case you are not sure about your fertile period, have sex everyday during the second or third weeks of your menstrual cycle. This is the best way to have healthy sperm in your fallopian tube.

5. Create Friendly Home and Work Environment

Common risk from lawn and farm pesticides, toxic waste or chemical toxins are used at working places, which can harm women’s fertility. She needs to protect herself by covering her face or wearing protective gloves, glasses and clothing.

It’s very anxious to get pregnant for many women. She needs to find the ways of relaxing body as well as mind. It may be through exercise, listening to music or doing Yoga.

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