how to connect with your kids

How to Connect with your Kids

How to Connect with your Kids

In today’s life, everyone is busy, especially working parents. Sometimes parents realize that today they have not looked at their kids once. Today, parents play a role in kids life as a caretaker like they send them to the bus, to homework and to bed. Why do you forget to attach, to connect with your kids??

Here are the ways how you can connect with your kids many times for a short period of time throughout the day. Either you drop them school or they hang up around the kitchen.

Talk to them

Talking is the best way to connect with your kids. You should tell them about your day and also ask to them about theirs. And also try to memorize everything they told you. Always remember that kids have very sharp memory and they remember everything they discuss with you and they also expect the same to you.

To Connect with your Kids

Tell them stories of your upbringing and childhood. Your kids will be really interested to know where was your school and how did you go there, who was your favourite teacher, what was your favourite subject and why,  your friends in different ages and their names, where did you enjoy your vacations with family, etc.

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Yes Dates!!! This is parents-kids date. Whether you have a son or a daughter, take them out for ice-cream, burger or chit-chat. This is the point to spend individual time with your child. If you have more than one child, give them their own individual time.

To Connect with your Kids

Show Interest in their Interest

If your kids like to play video games, ask them for second controller and play with them. Help them in their art or science project. Show them that you have also interest in their work. They may still try to stay away you with their work, but sooner or later you will get something to do together.

To Connect with your Kids

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Listen to Feelings

If you want to help your child to develop healthy relationship to their feelings, listen them first, even when they are weeping or having anger. Tell them you are there, hold them, shake them and let them dramatize. Don’t try to stop their feelings.

To Connect with your Kids

Ask them questions

This is very obvious thing to do. But many parents don’t do this. They even don’t know their teenage son is dating anyone or not. You should have information about what is happening in your children’s lives.

To Connect with your Kids

Invite them into your World

If you don’t think that there is a common ground in the things they like to do, so you should review the things you enjoy. If you show them that you are also like them, then may be they will stimulate and do the same. You can call them to your favorite show or sporting event. Give them chance to meet some of your colleagues. If your children are mature enough, then you can also take them with you to the Gym or Yoga Class. It can work as long as you can get them obsessed.

To Connect with your Kids

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