Easy parenting by Robot Nanny

Easy parenting by Robot Nanny

As the time is passing, women first became housewives then homemakers and then they became mothers. As women started step out from the house, so they are unable to give more and more time to their children now. Parenting is not easy task for today’s parents.

Good parents always take care of their children but when they are unable to take care of them they hire a nanny. In 21st century, techniques are very forward and in trend. Many companies are planning to launch a voice controlled robot nanny for children. It will get charge by Batteries.

The ways in which this robot will work as:

1. As a nanny

As the parents who work outside, hire nanny for caring their children. So this robot will work as a nanny which automatically recognizes when a baby wakes up, soothe them and this robot will get off the baby with a lullaby. It will provide care for your child in your own home.

Today nobody trust anybody, everyone is living in nuclear family. The mother needs anyone to help to take care of her baby. But we can not trust everyone. Before giving anyone your child’s responsibility, you need to verify that person’s background.

This computer made nanny will care for your child. Without any fear, you can leave your child alone at home.

2. As a teacher

It also acts like a teacher with your child. It recognizes your young child’s question and answer it. This Robot Nanny takes a brief voice training session to recognize the question and then answer. It also reads books for your children. It reads aloud poems, rhymes and short stories for your children.

This Robot Nanny provides your child primary education as ABC’s and 123s. It as well as provides them foreign language lessons. It is to help comfort, entertain and to teach your child.


3. As a trainer

It monitors your child as well because it has purpose to help parents to build their children. Often, kids require to say ” Please” when they ask this robot trainer or nanny for anything. It also teach manners your child.


If you hire a nanny, you have to test their ability and qualification as well. Although, not all the nannies have some specific qualifications but a well trained nanny is the one who has the following qualifications:

a) CACHE ( Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education) certificate or any diploma in children and education.

b) BTEC ( Business and Technology Education Council) national certificate and diploma in childhood studies, or children’s care and development.

c) NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) in children’s care and development.

If you need a nanny, you have to find a nanny by the following ways:

(i) You have to ask the other parents, friends, if they are using the services of any nanny or they know any nanny.

(ii) Or you give an ad in magazines, newspapers, pamphlets or use any website.

(iii) You have to register with agencies. These agencies list out the candidates who are applied for jobs of nanny. They verify their work experience, driving record and family background also.

These are the ways to find a nanny, in which you will have to follow so many steps. But with the help of Robot Nanny, you will get all the benefits of a nanny and you don’t need to follow so many steps.

Grab this Robot Nanny and take advantage of it…….!