Craft Ideas for Kids to do at Home on Vacations

Craft Ideas for Kids to do at Home on Vacations

Craft Ideas for Kids to do at Home on Vacations

This is the season for Vacations. Most of the parents are worried about their kids. What should they do with them on Vacations. Well, this time, every child wants to enjoy and have fun. So the problem is how kids can enjoy their vacation without teasing their parents. Here we brought some Crafts ideas for Kids to do at home on vacations. These ideas may have drawing, painting, home decorations and many more. These projects can be completed using paper, paint, clay or other materials.

Paper Crafts

Paper craft is the easiest activity your kids can do. You just need some basic things available at your home such as, paper, glue and scissors. Try these easy paper crafts with your kids.

  • Tissue Art
  • Colorful Snowflakes
  • Bookmarks
  • Circle Bear
  • Cards
  • Paper Flowers

You can use colorful shopping bags, envelopes and vintage books in all these projects above.

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Handicraft is the another activity for your kids. It is quick and easy activity. Your child can make different things under handicraft. These are the great ideas how to make your home beautiful with handicraft.

  • Natural Curtain Rod – You need a slim tree branch with perfect size, some colors to decorate it.
  • Decorate Old Pillows – You can color them or paint them. Also can add some colorful lace.
  • Flower Pots –  You need a box of any shape, colors, colored papers and glue. You can also use some colorful Ribbons.
  • Colorful Pencil Vase – You need colorful Pencils, Glue and a double side ribbon to tie Pencils.

Wood Working

There are also some wooden projects for kids. We tell you how to use these wooden tools properly and what things you can make with wood. Wooden art is not so easy to do your kids alone. You will have to connect with your kids.

  • Wooden Texture Stamp – These stamp may have any name or sign. You can create these names or signs with any sharp object like knife.
  • Wooden Bird House – You can help your kids to make this bird house. It can be hanged in back yard.
  • Wooden photo Frame – Your kids can make a wooden photo frame and can add a photo in this frame.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting are the other Crafts ideas for Kids to do at Home better. It is the basis of painting, printmaking and sculpture. It also directly links with reading and writing.

  • Download Prints Online – The best way for drawing is to download prints online and ask your kids to color them.
  • Finger Painting – There is no material required in finger painting. Just dip your finger in paint and draw whatever you like.
  • Shaving Cream Painting – Buy cheap shaving Cream. Add some tempera paint in it and mix well. It would be so messy, but easy to clean due to shaving cream. Your child can paint tables or floors.
  • Tracing and Painting the Shapes – You child can take any of their toy or any other shape and trace it on a chart paper. Color the shape inside and can add some other things to give it any specific look.

These above are the Crafts ideas for Kids to do at Home on Vacations. Try them.